An unlikely alignment of solitary spirits from all around the world, brought together by none other than Metal itself. This uncanny formation culminates a fire of heavy metal power, hard rock passion, and electric force. Tuned much in the vein of metal legends Pantera, Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch, Against the Grave brings new damage to the heavy metal lifestyle.

"We just clicked, immediately, almost as if we had been writing together for years, the music just simply erupted."
Asserts Jordan Gaw vocalist of Against The Grave

"Killing Us Slowly", the first official release, is an aggressive soaked, groove dominated, riff-driven, vigorous, infectious dark track. Forcing one to hit that repeat button again and again. Check out the track HERE along with it's acommpaning Music Video, Directed, Shot and Edited by Nathan Karma Cox.

"Killing us Slowly is pure blunt force trauma, it's my favorite song right now, Nathan did such a great job on the video!"
exclaims Andrea Martis guitarist of Against the Grave

   "Dead (repeater)" is another glimpse at the horsepower resonating from the depths of a grimy downtown Los Angeles rehearsal studio. Give it a spin, see how long you last, don't say we didn't warn you!

    Newly ignited, just don't be fooled, hailing from the ashes of Final Drive & Media Solution fame, expect a hell of a lot more noise out of this gang of metalheads as they rage a new path of pure will, determination and glory.

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Jordan Gaw (vocals), Andrea Martis (guitar), Jay DOT CA (bass), George Arguello (Lead Guitar), Dima Skakun (drums),